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The Right Tool For The Job

For over 80 years the Batchler All-In-One Castrator/Docker/Ear Marker has been the perfect tool for the working rancher.

About the Batchler All-In-One

The #2 All-In-One Tool can be used also for all 3 procedures. These tools are made of aluminum alloy and have been known to last up to 40 years for many farmers and ranchers. The #2 All-In-One can be used for cattle, sheep and goats. More >>

Company History

Batchler Manufacturing began in the early 20′s as a small machine shop doing fabrication and repair of farm equipment. By 1933, W. H. Batchler had invented many items, including the All-In-One Castrator, Docker and Ear Marker Tool. More >>

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